Social bookmarking is a way in which you can save and organize the links to your favorite websites to a bookmarking site and access it from any computer anywhere. In some social bookmarking tools, users can organize their bookmarks by tagging them and in other tools they can organize them by putting them in specific folders.

Users can also access the bookmarks stored by others, thus giving it a social touch. People can collaborate by saving links related to a specific topic into the same account.

For LOTE teachers and other educators, social bookmarking tools can be used to create a set of interesting websites for specific topics. If there is an Internet-based project, teachers can create a page with links to specific websites that the students should access in order to research the information. Teachers can collaborate with their colleagues who teach the same subject or level and bookmark links to the same page, as and when they find them. This will create a large database of resources that can be accessed and used by the whole department.

Social Bookmarking in Plain English

Bookmarking Tools:

The following tools are some of the social bookmarking tools available on the Internet: : A social bookmarking tool that lets you save your bookmarks and sort them by tags. You can also use their tag tool, which makes it easier to bookmark.

Backflip : Another social bookmarking tool. However, in this tool, you can save your bookmarks or your favorites in different folders.

Shelfari : This is a very nice way of displaying your favorite books. You can create a virtual bookshelf. It is a social network, so you can share your bookshelf with your friends. You can display books that you have already read or are reading presently, as well as books you plan to read or a wish list.

Clipmarks : With this tool, you can save clips of information that you find on websites. So instead of saving the whole website, you are only saving the information you want from the website.

Furl : Another bookmarking tool. Watch the video below to learn more:

StumbleUpon :A great platform to find articles and resources on different topics. You can rate the articles to help future viewers. The articles are categorized by topics.


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