Podcasting in Plain English

Podcasting Tools

The following tools are available on the Internet and can be used to create podcasts:

Vocaroo : This tool is a very easy way to create podcasts. Simply record your voice and then either email or embed the recording to your website or blog. They provide you with an embed code, which you can paste onto your website or blog. As of now, there is no limit on the length of the recording.

Powered by Vocaroo

Podomatic : A great tool to create podcasts.

Example: Las partes del cuerpo/Parts of the body

Gabcast :With this tool, you can create podcasts and audio blogs by recording your voice using a telephone. You call a toll free number and record. This makes it very convenient to record from anywhere.

Example: Spanish 1B

Odeo : A great site to find podcasts. It also has tools to create and share podcasts.

Odeo Podcasts for LOTE

Example: French for Beginners

Audacity : Although this is not web-based, it is a free tool that can be downloaded. It is a simple open-source tool that can be used to create podcasts.

Poderator : If you have already created a podcast, you can publish it using poderator.

PodcastPeople: This is not a free tool but it is another tool to create podcasts.


Making a Podcast

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Podcasting Tools

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