The following tools can be used to display your photos:

Flickr : Excellent site to share and manage your photos online.

BubbleShare : Great site to share and manage your photos. It also allows you to add talk bubbles, sound, video and even make calendars and photo albums.

BubbleShare: Share photos - Craft Instructions

Shutterfly : A great service if you ever wanted your photos transformed into print, on mugs, T-shirts or mouse pads and delivered to your doorstep. This is not a free service but it is reasonably priced.

Animoto : You can create your own professional quality videos by using this web application. Just select your own videos, pictures and music and let Animoto help you with the rest.

Un viaje a Barcelona, EspaƱa:

VUVOX : Instantly create your own high quality multimedia stories using this application.

Picasa : Manage all your photos here, fix things you don't like in a photograph and even share them with others.

CooiIris (PicLens) : Provides a 3-D wall of videos and images that the user can click and explore at any time.

Demo Video

Search for photos and images:

Teacher Tap: Public Domain and Copyright -free, Open Source and Student Use Images and Media : This site provides a list of links to websites where you find images and media that are copyright-free.

Flickr: Creative Commons : This site enables you to share your original creative material with others while allowing you to easily protect your material with varying degrees of copyright.

Photo Laboratory ( This site offers photos for both personal and commercial use. Please read the Legal Information before you use the photos. : Provides photos for non-commercial purposes for both online and offline use.

Picsearch : Helps users search for specific types of pictures on the web. The site is family friendly as it filters out offensive content. Once you select the image, you are directed to the website where the original copy of the image is available so that you can then ask for permission to use the image.

Tag Galaxy : This site provides a really cool way of exploring specific categories of pictures from the Flickr website. You have to be careful about using this site with your students as it is not filtered.

The Realia Project : Excellent site for foreign language teachers and students because it provides faculty-reviewed material and encourages teachers and students to contribute their own material with the goal of learning more about other cultures.

iStockPhotos : Not a free site. Photos range from $1 - $20. This site allows users to buy and even sell original photographs on the web. Currently, there are over 3.2 million images to select from.



To avoid any copyright infringement, always read the 'Terms of Use' section of the websites you visit to get photos and images. It is also very important to educate students about copyright infringement. The following sites provide information you can use to help explain this important issue to your students: