Mashups Tools:

Mag My Pics : Make your own professional-looking magazine using this application.

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at

FakeMagazineCover : Use over 600 fun templates to make up your own magazine covers using your own digital photographs.


Pageflakes : Personalize your own web page using this application.

ANIMOTO : You can create your own professional-quality videos by using this web application. Just select your own videos, photos and music and let Animoto help you make it appear professional.

Un viaje a Barcelona, EspaƱa:

FLEKTOR : A site similar to 'YouTube' but allows the users to also create and enhance the content with online tools.

VoiceThread : This tool is a great way to combine visual and oral collaborative presentations. Students can describe or explain visual presentations by recording their voices. The voicethread can be embedded in the school or class website.