Tools to create maps:

In the LOTE classroom, maps can be used when students learn about places in their community. Students can be asked to work a collaborative project where they create a map of their own town in the target language.

Wayfaring : Helps the user create their own custom map of any place in the world indicating places to go to or see. Interestingly, once the initial map has been created, other online users can build upon the original map and add to the content from their own knowledge about the place.

CommunityWalk : Similar tool that helps create custom maps and has the same social component where maps can be updated and edited by others. This application also allows users to add multimedia.

Las escuelas en nuestra communidad:

CommunityWalk Map - Las escuelas en la ciudad de Plainview

Mapwing : This site helps build a virtual tour of any place, which you can share with anybody.

Google Maps : This is an extremely powerful and interactive tool that can give you information, pictures, directions and more about almost any place on earth. It is more powerful that the 'yellow pages and white pages' combined. You can also view what a street or neighborhood looks like before you get there.