Digital Storytelling is a method of telling a story using digital tools. It is interactive and includes one or more multimedia tools.

Digital Storytelling Tools

The following tools are freely available on the Internet and can be used to create digital stories:

VoiceThread : This tool is a great way to combine visual and oral collaborative presentations. Students can describe or explain visual presentations by recording their voices. The voicethread can be embedded in the school or class website. Here is one example for LOTE:

The following is a project that my students are going to do for the Family and House Unit. This is a demo voicethread:

OurStory : Create a timeline with photos and words and collaborate with other students.

Mixbook : Create an online book with photos and words. Here is an example:

Tikatok : A great tool to create a book. Students can create a storybook. Here is an example:

Scrapblog : Create a digital scrapbook or a scrapblog. Add photos and music.

Digital Storytelling Resources

The following websites will help you to learn more about digital storytelling:

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