Tools for Collaboration:

Wikis in Plain English

Wikispaces: A great way to collaborate with others. In fact, the information for this workshop is being presented using wikispaces.

Wikispaces for Educators: As part of their commitment to help educators, wikispaces helps teachers by giving away free wikis for K-12 teachers.

WetPaint : A very easy-to-create wiki.

pbwiki : A collaboration tool to create wikis.

What is PBwiki?

Getting started with PBwiki.

Writeboard: Create web-based text documents collaboratively.

Googe Docs : Another site to collaboratively create word documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

Google Docs Tour

What is Google Docs?

Zoho : Another application in which you can create documents, spreadsheets and presentations on the web. In this way, your documents are stored on the internet and can be accessed from any computer anywhere.

ePals Global Community : A wonderful site for electronic "pen-pals". They have email and blog tools.

IECC : Another site to link up with electronic "pen-pals" and create cultural collaborations.

Skype : A great videoconferencing tool. It is a free tool. The software has to be downloaded to the computer.

VoiceThread : This tool is a great way to combine visual and oral collaborative presentations. Students can describe or explain visual presentations by recording their voices. The voicethread can be embedded in the school or class website.

Ning : Create social websites and networks.

Example of Ning: The Global Education Collaborative

Jottit : Helps to create quick and simple websites for users.

Scribd : Allows you to publish and share your own original documents, thoughts, ideas and stories on the internet for free.

WizIQ : This site provides a platform for teachers and students where they can teach and learn from each other in a virtual environment. The site also provides a lot of good educational content.

Meebo : Allows you to access and communicate with friends and family using your own Instant Messaging service from any computer with an internet connection, even if that computer does not have your specific service like MSN Messenger or AOL Instant Message downloaded on it.

OurStory : This is essentially an online album. You control the content and provide access to people you want to share your stories with.

Moodle : If you have ever wanted to create your own online educational courses then this site may provide the ultimate solution to achieve that goal. You will not be alone as plenty of help is available to Moodle members.