Assessment Tools:

EasyTestMaker : Helps create tests and quizzes easily.

Quiz Center : You can create and grade quizzes given to your students. Everything is done online.

French Sample: Les Animaux Domestiques

Puzzlemaker : Helps to create all sorts for puzzles for all subjects. Create different puzzles like crosswords, wordsearch, Scrambled words, etc., based on the vocabulary taught in class.

Polls/Survey Tools:

Zoomerang : Helps to create all sorts of surveys quickly using over 100 templates.

Survey Monkey : Helps create surveys quickly.

PollDaddy : Helps create polls and surveys for any website you may have so that you can get good feedback regarding traffic to your site and receive comments that may be useful to make improvements.

PollEverywhere : Helps you conduct "live" polling and receive feedback from people visiting your site in real time.

Quimble : Setup your own polling question(s) instantly and get feedback.