Using free Web-based Tools in the LOTE classroomPresenter: Seema SumodClick here to download the handout.


Technology is becoming a very vital part of our lives. In this digital age, we should make use of these technological tools in our classrooms. More and more schools are adopting technology as a resource for teaching. Some tools can be used for instruction and some can be used to assess the knowledge gained by students.

However, we need to face the reality that not every teacher is provided with a technology-equipped classroom. In such cases, teachers will have to find some resources on their own. There are many free web-based tools that are available on the Internet, which can be easily integrated into lessons and are accessible to everyone.

In the foreign language classroom, these tools can be a great asset. Students can use these tools to express themselves in oral or written form in the target language. Teachers can use these tools to create reading and listening activities and can also use them for collaborative activities.

In this workshop, participants will learn how to incorporate technology into language instruction. They will be introduced to some free web-based tools that they can use in their classrooms. Ideas on how to use these technological tools will also be presented. These tools have been successfully implemented in the foreign language classroom.